WEEKLY Yoga for Actors!

GREAT NEWS. I'll be teaching a Yoga for Actors class every Tuesday morning from 8am-9am at Actors Connection starting Tuesday, December 1st.

Each class will have a specific theme that relates to my fellow actors, in an effort to provide them with new tools each week to stay calm and focused in their quests for success!

The theme for the first class will be "Desire."

What is the desire that drives you to accomplish your goals? How do you handle this fire? Do you let it fuel you, or do you have a tendency to allow it to burn you out?

In this class, I'll introduce meditations that help ground and focus your inner flame so that you can use it to your advantage, rather than let your desire take control of you. And after a series of vinyasa flow sequences to get your fire flowing, I'll demonstrate several cooling poses--ideal for winter--that are great for reflecting and recalibrating.
Hope to see you on December 1st!

Rate: Cash only. $15 drop in. 3 classes for $30.

*Actors Connection is located at 630 9th Ave. Suite 1410, New York, NY 10036.