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Want to try it?


Now you don't have to! A Drunk Yoga class consists of a brief happy hour, followed by a fun, beginner-friendly 45 vinyasa sequence. The experience is laughter-filled and uplifting, meant to bring together community with the understanding that happiness is health. 

As a yoga teacher, non-yogis have often told me, "I should do yoga, but I'm afraid I'll look silly," or, "I'd like to do yoga, but I'm not flexible enough." In response to this paralyzing perfectionist syndrome running rampant in Manhattan, I've been working to create ways to make yoga accessible to everyone--to give people who would like to try yoga, but who would otherwise be too intimidated to go to a class at a yoga studio, the opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and give it a shot, sans the fear factor of having to achieve perfection.  

I saw a need in New York City for a yoga class that breaks away from convention; a class where friends, families, colleagues, and couples can come together to relax, unwind, and enjoy a happy-hour-like atmosphere, all while experiencing the joy of moving their bodies in time and space in ways they may have never tried before. With Drunk Yoga, I've taken the pressure out of the practice, and turned yoga into a party--a celebration of sorts. Indeed, as an entrepreneur and yoga professional, I have always felt like I have a lot to offer a population of people who don't feel welcome in the mainstream yoga community, but still have a desire to cultivate their own personal joy. So, when I created Drunk Yoga, I thought, "Yes. This is it."